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iStock_PuzzlePeople_000009338479XSmallWelcome to my first blog on our brand new eClubSoda site.
There is something so exciting about the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together and revealing a magnificent picture. It can be so much fun to share this activity with family and friends and neighbors. With the invention of the social media, we have an opportunity to put jigsaw puzzles of IDEAS together from far and wide, no longer restricted by physical location.
I read so many blogs that are filled with derogatory comments, hatred and intolerance. I think it is time that all of us in this world perk up our ears and listen...truly not only ourself, but also to others and Life.

I see conversation having the potential to reveal new possibilities and find wonderful finding the fit of dissimilar opinions. We listen for what we don't know that the others might, rather than listening to disprove any differing perspectives. We honor the validity of the other person's point of view, even if we cannot exactly see it...yet. I emphasize "yet" because if we learn to listen with true curiosity, we will eventually be able to see why they see it in the way that they do. It doesn't mean we have to agree with it entirely...and it doesn't invalidate our own perspective. In fact, it actually expands it.

The solitary puzzle piece doesn't show much of the picture...neither does one point of view. But together, it is amazing what we each bring to the table...our own, personal and professional, point of view. It is valid...just as is our neighbors' and the individuals' whom we have not yet met. When we learn how to trust the speak in a way that invites other perspectives...and to listen in that way as well...amazing things start to happen. There is so much wisdom in the collective mind...wisdom from lives well-lived and from the mistakes in the lives as well.
What would happen if we all took the time to truly consider a point of view different from our own? What might we see, what might we hear, that we could never even imagine on our own? Would you join me in this opportunity to learn to communicate and connect in a brand new way? Want to start on an amazing jigsaw puzzle of ideas and create a picture no one has ever seen...yet?

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