The Sweetest Valentine

I think I saw a new possibility for Valentine's Day this year. Since I was not in a romantic relationship, I kind of just let it go by me. "Valentine's Day is for sweethearts," I told myself as I veered away from the bright red and pink displays. I hardly noticed the heaviness in my heart.

Maybe Valentine's Day is more than a day for couples. Maybe it is also a day to let people who are alone know that they still matter, that someone is thinking of them with love and care.

 That afternoon, as I was facilitating the eClubSoda HappyHour call, my door bell rang. There on the front step was my son-in-law with a bouquet of scarlet roses. What I love about this is that my daughter had nothing to do with it...she didn't even know.

Later on that evening as I envisioned couples around the world having a romantic evening, my doorbell rang was a neighbor with a great big bag of small hearts containing Godiva chocolates and Valentines, one with my name on it. He was delivering them to all of the women who were home alone in the neighborhood.

I also reread the adorable Valentine that my dog and I had received from a good friend.

In that spirit, what if we made everyday Valentine's Day?  What if we found a way to let one or two people who don't think they matter, know that they do?

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