About eClubSoda

 eClubSoda's Mission is to provide a safe place of heartfelt listening where people develop genuine CONNECTIONS with themselves, others and Life.
Our Vision is a world where people know and respect that each and every life and voice matter.

The "About eClubSoda" section contains information about the origin and history of eClubSoda and the daily teleconference community, HappyHour, along with a summary of the journey of the life of it's founder, Nan Hoy Shaw. You will also find information about other experts available to the eClubSoda community and tangible, insipirational "sips" of eClubSoda directly from eClubSoda members.

eClubSoda is for people who:

  • Are struggling with pain, disconnection or feeling “stuck” and don’t know what to do.
  • Desire more connection and fulfillment in their lives.
  • Are health care professionals who value their own development as well as the development of others.
  • Want to leave unhealthy habits behind and replace them with genuine satisfaction.

eClubSoda is a community of:

  • Support, understanding and wisdom, available every day, that collectively help you to create or recognize possibilities and solutions to challenges that at first may seem impossible to overcome.
  • Committed listeners learning to communicate in a clear and connected way, thus creating new possibilities through curious listening and courageous speaking.
  • Health care providers who want to add to their skills, practice new distinctions, and receive the support that they too need on many occasions. 

4 Key Beliefs of eClubSoda

 Your life matters!

Your unique perspective is valid and should be heard.

Different perspectives are required for truly satisfying possibilities.

We all desire a truly connected world.


The Section:

What is eClubSoda?  describes the history of eClubSoda and Happy Hour.

Welcome is an invitation from Nan Shaw to join the eClubSoda community.

Meet Us highlights the background and experiences of the eClubSoda team.

Sample Happy Hour provides a "sip" of eClubSoda and the Happy Hour teleconference calls.

Testimonials offer comments from clients from all walks of life, locations and professions.

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