Paving a New Path

By Judy Williams, eClubSoda Member, 2010.

When my ex-husband and I began tentative steps toward seeing each other again, it was eClubSoda that helped us pave a new path. We had been divorced from each other for three years, and each of us had changed quite a bit during that time. We came back together as new people, but we quickly found that our old ways of relating to each other were often "triggered" by falling back into our old relationship. Thank God for Nan and the eClubSoda family!

We began to participate together on calls, each of us talking about how we felt, and the calls helped us to see how and why our old patterns re-emerged, and to form new ones. Whenever we fell back into an old habit, the calls would help us see it as practicing a new way, and determining what didn't serve our relationship anymore. Slowly we began to be able to be curious with each other and ask questions rather than make accusations or get our feelings hurt. Gradually we learned new ways of hearing and seeing each other, and a new relationjudyandmichaelship emerged.

Our commitment to being on the calls regularly and to working together forged a new marriage that is now much stronger than the old one ever was. I credit eClubsoda with helping our marriage blossom so that I can truly say that I have been married now collectively for over 31 years and have never been happier or more in love.

I began participating in eClubSoda calls about six years ago. Over that period of time I have shared concerns and joys with Nan and the group of committed listeners who are on the call each day. Their loving questions help me to identify within myself a solution to problems I could never have seen on my own. When I am troubled or confused about a person or situation, I bring it to eClubSoda, knowing I will be helped to make the right decision for me by the gentle questioning and coaching of Nan and others.

Occasionally I simply listen, whether for the entire call or just a few minutes, knowing that as others share their hearts, I often hear something that also helps me.

eClubSoda is the place I can take any problem, no matter how sensitive, and know I will be helped.

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