May 10 - Shhh! Wisdom Speaking!

There is a quiet little peaceful voice inside each one of us that speaks from a place where all our true Wisdom resides. It knows the truth…it speaks to us constantly…and sadly it is often drowned out by the chatter in our heads. Listening to our wisdom is a distinction worth developing.

Wisdom is particularly apparent in small children. The little ones know exactly how much to eat, the perfect number of hours to sleep, how many questions to ask, and how often to request a hug. Until, that is, they are told that they have to clean off their plates even though they are not hungry. Or until they have to go to bed at 7:00 PM even though they are not sleepy...or they are told it is not polite to ask why someone only has one leg, even though they genuinely want to know…or until they get the message that it is not an appropriate time for a hug even though their hearts whisper that it is.

One year my granddaughter had a cello concert. I always adore her concerts...I find myself crying those wonderful happy tears. But I had been burning the candle at both ends...I had been starting my day early with my clients, and I was usually up typing an hors-d’oeuvre until two or three in the morning. So I asked my daughter how important it was for me to go. She assured me that Jean, my granddaughter, would have a huge contingent there for her and I should not feel bad if I did not attend. My heart said to go, but my head said to stay home and rest like other people had been suggesting that I do.

I asked my husband, and he said I should stay home, that I was exhausted. Yet that little voice whispered, “Go.”

I stayed home.

And all night my insides felt terrible. I looked at my watch and wondered if she were performing her solo. I thought about the rest of the family that was there and wished I were sitting in one of those hard wooden chairs beside them. I tried to hear her music in my heart and wished I could hear it with my ears. I wrote her an email that I missed her and loved her but wished I could have whispered it in her ear.

And I wondered why in the world I listened to others and to the chatter in my head when my soul had spoken so clearly to me.

That next morning when I heard she received an award and how proud everyone had been of her, my heart hurt even more. And I was glad. I knew this hurt would help me to remember that this is not the way I want to do it next time. This hurt was part of my internal navigation system, and I never wanted to turn the volume down again.

I still have the loving email that I received from Jean that morning. Included in it was the following quote:

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

As they say, “Out of the mouths of seventeen-year-old babes….”

Another night, almost a year to the day from when this incident occurred, my granddaughter had another concert. I was still staying up until two in the morning and burning the candle at both ends. But I learned from my wisdom that first year, and it helped me remember what I truly wanted this time.

I went to the concert eagerly, and I watched as she played her final high school concert. I saw her magnificent solo…I was mesmerized as she actually conducted the orchestra all by herself…and it seemed that I floated in joy as she was featured in several extraordinary musical pieces.

From that moment on, I committed to listening to my wisdom…to that voice inside of me…with love and affection and trust.

Which do you find is easier to hear...the chatter in your head or the Wisdom of your Soul? Do you honor all of your emotions, even those that hurt your heart? Are you able to stay connected with these emotions and use them as learning tools, rather than numbing them with addictive behaviors? Are you listening closely for the Wisdom of your Soul?

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