May 13 - Celebrating Our Uniqueness

One night on eClubSoda one of the participants was very upset because she had attended a function and the dress she chose to wear seemed out of place to her. She traced the feeling that she was experiencing back to when she was a child and felt unaccepted by her peers.

“I just always wanted to be on the same page,” she explained with high emotion in her voice.

My response to her was this...“Dear heart, almost all of the words on that page are different. It is the differences that give the page meaning.”

She stopped for a moment, and truly heard the wisdom of that notion. I could hear it go, “Kerplunk!” straight into her heart.

I was thinking about her and words on a page as I gardened the next day. With each flower that I tenderly viewed, I realized it is our differences that make us, well, us. Every rose has a personality all of its own...each leaf is slightly different from the rest. A garden that is made up of only one plant or even a lot of one plant is not very interesting; it has no depth or texture. Yet a garden with many different components is always fascinating.

A page made up of identical words would be truly monotonous. Even a page that contains a large number of common words, such as “the” or “and” would be boring. I would imagine that no one remembers how many words like “the” or “and” are in a story. But they might remember “kerplunk” or “monotonous.” There is a texture to each of these...they have a particular meaning to me and probably a particular meaning to you.

We communicate at a deeper level when we find a word unique to that concept which we wish to communicate. The value of any page is made up of the relationship between the words, not their sameness.

The same is true with our own self-expression. If we conform to some arbitrary “norm,” we abandon our texture and depth. We cannot communicate on an intimate level if we are intent on hiding ourselves. If others do not understand why we are exactly like we are, it is then but an opportunity to share ourselves with them.

The value of any human interaction is made up of the relationship between the viewpoints of the participants, not their sameness. It is in the relationship that we are able to recognize our unique place and truly feel at home at last.

Do you try to blend into the woodwork, or are you proud of your uniqueness? Do you act to please others or do you try to remain true to yourself? Do you invite individuality with your curiosity or do you close it down with judgment or criticalness? Will you celebrate the “page” you are on, and the unique place that is yours on the “page”? Are you curious about the other “words” on the page as well? Are you ready to celebrate the differences and truly enjoy the relationship?

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