May 18 - Becoming All That We Can Be

My daughter, Katy, sent me a quote the other day that I have not been able to get out of my mind. The author is Charles Du Bos and here is what he said:

“The important thing is this:to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are… for what we could become.”

Now that sounds like a tall order…especially if we don’t understand the workings of the mind. Our brains are constructed in a way to support our survival instincts…its number one priority is to stay the same... to keep us keep us just as we are.

Unless we prepare the mind for change, it will resist it. What I love about this quote is that it invites us into so many wonderful opportunities and possibilities that we more than likely have not even suspected exist.

A member of eClubSoda demonstrates a good example of this dynamic. She had been working incredibly long hours and was beginning to look at why she felt unable to change this behavior. At first she thought it was because of her company and their policies...then she believed it was because of the circumstances and the needs of the company. Eventually she began to suspect that she just might play a role in this dynamic…that she may not have spoken clearly for her needs in this area.

Now she was beginning to approach the truth!

She wrote us all an email with an astonishing revelation...she decided to make the request for shorter work hours; it had been immediately granted, and yet she continued to work late! Now this is truly a pivotal moment…the one where we break through denial. Gone are the excuses, the blaming of something outside of herself.

This is the moment when we are finally able to see how we have been holding on to what we think we are instead of stepping into what we could become. And the really good news is that in this moment of recognition, we actually have already taken our first step into creating new possibilities for ourselves!

Now, rather than being run by an unconscious reaction that keeps her working way past her bedtime, our eClubSoda member can:

1. Recognize the resistance to change;

2. Understand what it is about; and

3. Then consciously begin to design and shift into the life she has always truly wanted.

Instead of focusing on what she has to give up, she can begin imagining what she wants to become.

Instead of expecting a life of extreme deprivation, she can begin to expect the exciting rewards of a conscious life.

Instead of feeling diminished by her addictive habits, she can begin to feel herself growing and expanding into new possibilities. She is definitely on the road to realizing all that she could possibly become.

What habits keep you from becoming all that you can be? Where might you be stalled in your developmental journey? Where might you be actually reinforcing the resistance to growth and new possibilities in your life without realizing it? What can you see today that would allow you to begin to become all that you are meant to be?

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