Alcohol...Friend or Foe?

Today I heard a report that women have a higher incidence of breast cancer if they consume more than three drinks of alcohol a WEEK. It was reported that if women have 3-6 drinks a week, they have a 15% higher risk. of breast cancer. If they consume more than that, they have a 50% higher risk!!! I found that almost unbelievable! Why have we not made this public before???

Women are cutting off their breasts so that they do not get breast cancer. Yet, so many are reluctant to cut off their glass of wine. What does that tell us???
A doctor, in charge of a breast cancer unit in a large hospital, said we needed to put this discovery in perspective. How many women really get breast cancer? It seems to me, far too many. But, according to her, not so much. After the interview, it was concluded, "Anything in moderation!" Is this really true? Would we say, smoking in moderation is okay? Would we say, "Child abuse in moderation is okay?" Or, "Spousal abuse is okay...only in moderation, of course?"

Why do we keep trying to make drinking alcohol, excessively or in moderation, okay??? It accounts for so many deaths...automobile accidents...overdose...suicide... homocide...esophogeal cancer...heart attacks...strokes and diabetes, compromised immune systems, and who knows what else???
How many families has alcohol destroyed? If you grew up in an alcoholic home, what did you declare about yourself as a result?? How has this impacted your life?
What does alcohol give that you would rather cut off a breast rather than cut down on your wine? I am really curious. I know for me I felt cuter and more interesting. Nothing could have been farther from the truth, but I needed to learn that the hard way! I also thought it was relaxing...but then I learned I had high blood pressure as a result of my drinking. When I cut out the alcohol, my blood pressure went right down.
Let me know your thoughts? This is a conversation for all of us...what can we discover that we do not yet know? How can we put the pieces of our lives together to form a picture that all of us need to see? What are we really using alcohol for...and is it giving us what we are really needing? Let's discover the answers together???

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