Happy Holidays

I sit here on Christmas eve, blessed with my loyal German shepherd, Rachel, by my feet...thinking about my dear friends around the world. So many are facing the most difficult emotional situations conceivable...the death of a child...or of a parent. The fatal diagnosis of a grandchild. The end of a marriage or relationship.

Others are anticipating the beginning...of a new relationship...a birth of a child...a new job...or even just a new way of celebrating the holidays.

Where do you find yourself tonight? And what does it mean to you?

I am lonely tonight. I find myself missing the days when my children were young...and my mother was visiting...and we would throw pennies into the fireplace, and my children would be delighted with the presence of Santa Claus. Tonight, I so miss the presence of my mother...and my small children who are now grown. And I see...that, then I did not even have a inkling of the glorious grandchildren today whom I now enjoy beyond description!!

So what does that say about our future? What can we not yet see...that is waiting for us right around the corner?? How can we trust the unfolding of this moment...just the way it is?

Tomorrrow I will be with my family...I plan to enjoy each and every moment, because I realize how much I miss those of the past. I do not know what is next...I just know what is now. And I love being totally connected to this moment in time and to the important people in my life.

Happy holidays to you, my friends around the world. May 2012 bring peace, love and harmony to us all. Much love, Nan

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