Creating My New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

We are a few days into the New Year...and I am busy planning what I want my days to look like.  Not like in making resolutions that might soon be me those usually feel like deprivation and I rarely do well with being deprived of anything I think I want. It is the addict in me!

So instead, I am looking at the calendar in a whole new way, e.g., how much time to I want to time with my family....contribute to others...even exercise!  I am doing this in a number of ways.

1.  I am reflecting on what is important to me.  There is no reason to include anything else.  What do I really, really want?  So often we are very much removed from the answers to this question.
2. I am enlisting friends and family to support me as I learn to recognize what might be old fears or stories that would stand in my way of even knowing what I want!
3. I am answering questions, even when they feel difficult.  Those are usually the ones with profound gifts nestled inside.
4. I am taking ownership of my own life...realizing no one "makes" me do something or "keeps me from" doing something.  It is a liberating feeling.

This process takes time I am finding.  The most important learning tool I have is the true connection with myself. How do I feel after I do something? It is amazing how that can be my own personal internal guidance system. If I feel good, I include it in my plan.  If I have regrets, then I need to look at why before I even consider adding it to my plan.

I am excited this year about my plan...why wouldn't I be? It includes everything that is important to me...which includes how I am with others.

What is your plan for this year?  Are you budgeting time for things that you?  If not, what stands in your way?  Would love to hear your thoughts....and plans!!!

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