December 31 - New Year's "Eve-r"

Resolutions abound this time of the year. “Tomorrow I shall begin,” we often say. “I will eat in a healthy way, be connected with my children, stop drinking a day at a time, and exercise regularly.”

We leap out of our beds, eager to start a new day, a new year, a new life. But so often we are in such a habit of “waiting until tomorrow” that we don’t know what to do with we just keep on doing whatever we are used to doing.

When you feel the desire to replace an unhealthy addictive habit with a new more beneficial one, start right away…there is no reason to wait for a “new” anything. So often the window of opportunity is it is important to grab the moment when you are interested in change… before your denial sets right back in!

A new life doesn’t depend on the calendar year. It never arrives if it always starts tomorrow…or next week…or next year. Our life is now. Whatever moment that we happen to be in is our life.

Addictive habits tell us to wait until tomorrow. This way they get to hang around forever, as it is always today, and never tomorrow. There is no better time than right now to give yourself the gift of life.

Whether it is an alcoholic drink, a prescription drug, a chocolate sundae, or five extra hours at work that you want to give up, you can choose to do something different right now.

It is important to have that “something different” already in your mind so you know exactly what it is you want to do the moment that the temptation of the old way first beckons.

It can be really fun to put this plan in motion. What do you truly enjoy? What do you wish you had more time to do? What makes your heart truly sing?

Here are a few examples of what the new way might include:

  • You would put the drink down…and pick up your child instead. 
  • You would rip up your unnecessary prescription for drugs…and begin to put together an exciting plan for your life. 
  • You would not even buy that gallon of ice cream…instead you might donate the money you would have used to your favorite charity.
  •  Instead of turning on your computer... you would enjoy turning on your spouse! 

In this way, you would be connected to everything that truly makes your heart sing its own song. And you would be doing it now…you would not have to wait for one more moment to pass.

For every day is the first day of your new year. The good news is that you never have to wait until tomorrow for New Year’s Eve-r. It is always now. This very moment is the beginning of your New Year…this is your new start…so may the celebration begin...immediately! Let’s ring in the New Year and every day! Happy New Year…right now!

What gift of life do you want to give yourself, and how can you begin immediately? What can you start today? In fact, what can you begin right now? What difference can you make for yourself this moment that will lead you closer to your goal? Why would you want to wait until tomorrow for the good things to happen? Why not begin your Happy New Year right now?

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