December 25 - A Day of Birth!

Trees sparkle around the world on this Holy Day. The stars are a bit brighter; children’s eyes twinkle; and magic is in the air. Here are some genuine ways to celebrate this day, so that you will be fully connected to the spirit of the day as well as the spirit of your loved ones. Take a few moments to appreciate the holiness within your heart and soul.

Hear the internal whispers that light your chosen path.

Honor your experiences, both the ones you wish to repeat and those that let you recognize the ones that you don’t.

If you have to choose between being right and being kind, do as Wayne Dyer suggests, and choose kind every time.

Make sure your life sparkles by being in touch with all that you know, all that you have been, and all that you are becoming.

Anesthetize nothing; feel everything.

Turn your inner light on.

Open your heart as you would a gift…gently, carefully, eager to see what is inside.

Share yourself with a loved one; connect in a new way.

Be your own mistletoe…kiss your grandmother; hug your father; and honor the heart of your mother.

Be still, and listen carefully for your personal and universal wisdom.

Delight in the accomplishments of others.

Listen thoughtfully to the voice of a child.

Play catch with the family pet.

Help neighbors take down their decorations, and ask them about the history of each one.

Share your disappointments.

Apologize for that which you wish you had done differently.

Accept a compliment with grace and gratitude.

Attentively seek the “wholiness” of each individual around you and the sacred oneness of the whole.

In giving these gifts, the most precious gift of the season will be yours, the gift of love.

  As you awaken into the promise of this glorious day of celebration, what new vision for yourself could you keep in mind? Are you able to begin to see how connected you already are to the world and the people around you? Are you willing to see past your childhood declarations and begin to acknowledge the gift your life is to the world?

Happy, loving holidays to you all, and to all, a good night!

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