December 17 - "S.I.P."... New and Improved

Yesterday we explored the repercussions of “S.I.P.”, the “Seduction of Immediate Pleasure.” We noted its fleeting and artificial sense of satisfaction as well as its tendency to lead us away from that which we truly want. Today I want to propose an alternative that we can remember when “S.I.P.” beckons to us, one that might actually move us toward genuine satisfaction and fulfillment rather than away from them. What if instead of falling for the seduction of immediate pleasure, we were to substitute “Stepping Into Purpose”? What difference might that make in our lives and in our world?

Can you picture a world where we are fully conscious of our every word and action? What would it feel like if every step we took was designed to connect us to our feelings and to our loved ones, instead of unconsciously intended to disconnect us from ourselves and from each other? What would we feel in our hearts when we put our heads down on our pillows at night?

I suspect instead of tears in our eyes, we might have smiles on our faces.

After all, what is the purpose of having feelings? Have you ever honored yours long enough to discover their messages? Do you examine them with curiosity and then implement what you discover?

For example, if you are missing someone, instead of trying to run a marathon to numb the loneliness, perhaps you could visit a card shop and find a message that would let the person know how much he or she mattered to you. Or perhaps you could arrange to be together more often.

Or, instead of pouring a glass of wine because you had a hard day at work, perhaps you could take a short nap before dinner so that you wake refreshed and are able to connect with your family on a more intimate basis that night.

Instead of taking a pill to numb your fear about a presentation tomorrow, perhaps you could request a friend to listen while you practice giving your talk.

If you are furious about child abuse, instead of screaming at your spouse or your own child, perhaps you could take the time to write a letter to your Senator or Congressman and volunteer to serve on a committee.

These are but a few of countless ways that we can utilize our emotions and our lives to make the world a greater place. We need to peel back the layers until we can reach the core value that our feelings represent.

As a team, let’s begin to celebrate each of our unique feelings and observations. Together they create a solution for redesigning much of what we need to address in our communities. Our emotions are part of our purpose…a call from our lives…to make a difference with what we have learned along the way. Instead of fearing and running away from our feelings, we would be better served by examining them curiously for what they are trying to communicate to us.

Today, please try to remember the new and improved “S.I.P.”, “Stepping into Purpose”! And don’t forget to enjoy your increasing passion in all areas of your life as a result!

What do you do when your emotions rise to the surface? Are you apt to try to numb them, or are you willing to feel them fully and examine them with curiosity? Do you look for ways to ignore your feelings, or do you celebrate their messages? Are you enjoying all of the passion that is yours to express? Are you falling for the Seduction of Immediate Pleasure, or are you Stepping into the Purpose of your life?

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