Welcome to the list of daily hors-d’oeuvres where each day brings a new opportunity to enhance your appetite for life and brings you closer to everything your heart truly desires!

Your daily hors-d'oeuvre can help you start each day with curiosity and look forward to everything else that follows!

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31 January 30 -Addiction?
32 January 31 -The Pharmacy in Our Heads
33 February 1 - Where Did I Put Me?
34 February 2 - Make a Joyful Noise
35 February 3- The Missing Peace
36 February 4 - Secondary Addictions
37 February 5 - Writing Our Own Story
38 February 6 - Downsized-Up
39 February 7 - To Be or Not to Be the Victim?
40 February 8 - Victim Makeover

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