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Nan Hoy Shaw has worked professionally in the field of personal development, addictionology, and life coaching for over 30 years where she is known throughout the world for her special listening skills and analytical abilities. The early seeds of her life’s work began with her experiences growing up in an alcoholic home, which led her to volunteer, throughout high school and college, at psychiatric hospitals and mental health facilities.

 Her interest in the study of human behavior began then and continued throughout her education at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, where she graduated with a degree in Sociological Research. In the first ten years following college graduation, Nan became a computer analyst, team leader, designer of software programs, and trainer in programming and computer use at client locations. She also married, had three children and mixed family life with her work. It was at this time that the legacy of her father’s alcoholism became evident in her own life. She realized, during her own recovery process, that she had a strong desire to use her life’s experiences in a way that would make a difference in others’ lives. Nan began taking extensive graduate and continuing education courses in Individual Counseling, Group and Relationship Facilitation, Addictionology, Intervention Planning, Personal and Career Development, and Family Dynamics at Georgia State University, Peachford Hospital, the Southeastern Occupational Training Institute, and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital (JCAH) Standards and Licensing Organization.

In 1980, during this training, Nan accepted the position of Aftercare Counselor in the Addictive Disease Unit of Charter Peachford Hospital in Atlanta. Her work led to her being promoted to Aftercare and Industrial Coordinator, and eventually to her being named as the Director of Counseling Services, where she was responsible for the Addictive Disease Unit, including the Patient, Family and Aftercare Departments. In this capacity, she was also responsible for marketing and coordinating industrial, corporate, and governmental programs for the southeastern region of the United States, including, among many others, General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Delta Airlines, Southern Co., Eastman Kodak and various military organizations. While in this position Dr. William Scott, Medical Director/Founder of Psychiatric Consultants, Inc., recognized her abilities and hired Nan to design and bring into existence Outpatient Addiction Clinics of America, Inc., which she created and ran as Administrator until it was purchased two years later by an outside company and was absorbed into their expanding national business.

 In 1987, Nan created Mattermatics, Inc., based entirely around her coaching expertise. Dr. William McKenzie, one of the top Atlanta area gynecologists and an internationally respected addictionologist, hired Nan and Mattermatics, Inc., to help him in his women’s wellness center, The McKenzie Center, where he conducted his medical practice. As Director of Coaching and Counseling Services, Nan was able to increase participation in these services by over 1000% in the first year. While Nan primarily saw individual clients, she also facilitated group workshops, relationship communication sessions, addiction interventions, and leadership development programs. In addition, she developed and facilitated with Dr. McKenzie a monthly women’s meeting for their clients and the public, designed to promote understanding of their bodies and health issues, as well as to enhance their personal development and life options. She created and ran an evening weekly support group, ClubSoda, for individuals recovering from varied addictions. During this period she attended and graduated from the Center For Authentic Leadership (CFAL) personal development course, “Leadership Intensive,” and their executive leadership three-year program, “Future Thinking.”

After the death of Dr. McKenzie, Nan worked for a time with the McKenzie Center and eventually left to expand the services offered in her own personal coaching practice under Mattermatics, Inc. She also began to work directly with Jan Smith and the Center For Authentic Leadership (CFAL), utilizing her special coaching talents with their staff and all of their executive leadership development client participants worldwide. She maintains her own private practice with Mattermatics, Inc., where she sees clients individually and conducts workshops for businesses and families. In 2002, she founded a non-profit organization, The Center For Family Alcohol Awareness and Research (CFAAR), committed to raising parents’ awareness of the effects of their drinking on their children.

Nan has become internationally known as one of the top professionals in the field of executive and personal development coaching as well as for her more personal work with relationships, addictions, recovery, and life after addiction(s). She is best known for her gift of gentle and creative listening, which brings hope and strength to her clients.

She works based out of her home, in Alpharetta, GA (a northern suburb of Atlanta), where she lives with her beautiful German shepherd, Charlie. Nan’s favorite leisure activity is spending time with her growing family, which includes her four magnificent grandchildren and grandchild-in-law! She also enjoys swimming, kayaking, spending time at the dog park with her two and four-legged friends, and nurturing her roses...oh, and tennis when her knees cooperate (which is not very often anymore)! 

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