April 15 - Happy Tax Day!

Happy Tax Day! You might think I have lost my mind with that wish, but please give me a chance to explain! Today is a day when many of us may feel grumpy and sleepy from pulling all-nighters while filling out forms and gathering our last pennies to send to the IRS before the post office closes at midnight.

It is also a day we could be counting our blessings instead of our dollars... that we live in a free country with so many wonderful opportunities, that we have a job so that we are eligible to pay taxes, that we are able to read and write so that we can fill out the return…to name just a few. I would definitely need the long form to list all of the blessings I can discover in my life!

This day is a wonderful example of how our assessment of a situation determines our experience of it. In some countries, April 15th is just another day with little significance. And in some countries one lines up for miles to get a small ration of food. In our country we pay taxes on April 15th, and we have restaurant menus with lines and lines of meal possibilities.

Some people work their way around the taxes they owe and live in fear and dread that someday they will be caught. Others write their checks to the IRS with a clear conscience, knowing they have honestly reported the income for which they are so grateful.

Some are enjoying the fruits of their labor because they allocated enough to be taken from their weekly paychecks so that they already have received a refund check. Others may be frantically trying to borrow money to pay Uncle Sam because they have spent 100% or more of what they made this year without prepaying their taxes.

Others have the forms “somewhere” and will get around to filling them out “sometime.” But they don’t answer their telephones without their hearts skipping an extra beat or two. Others planned well and mailed their returns way before the deadline and had an extra good night’s sleep last night.

Who are the people who live in a world of comfort and security, and who are the people who live in fear and anxiety? Which ones created the world of their dreams, and which ones continue to support a nightmare that happened a very long time ago? In what group do you declare yourself to be and do you want to stay there?

“Oh, I don’t make enough money to be on top of my taxes,” you might say. And I would respond to you that how much you make is not what it is all about. It is how you design your world. I know people who have literally made hundreds of millions of dollars who cannot pay their taxes this year, and I know others who only make a small amount who do.

It is the story that we build around our circumstances that creates our life. You are the author of yours, and I am the author of mine. What a wonderful world we can write when we seek new information and ideas from each other! What are you saying to yourself as you read my words? Do you see them as foolish and naive, or can you see the power in them? Remember, whatever you believe it is your assessment...and your assessment happens to create your experience of life. It is your choice...your experience of your life is actually your choice!

Are you willing to write a new story about April 15th? If not, why not? What will you have to give up if you do? What would life look like if you began scanning for something brand-new…something that felt good rather than bad? What would you have to see and to acknowledge to have a “Happy Tax Day”? Remember, it is income tax day whether you like it or not...what does your assessment of tax day return to you?

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