April 16 - A Short Hors-d'oeuvre

This hors-d’oeuvre was written several years ago...the message remains as important to me today as it was when I first wrote it. Hopefully it will encourage you to meet a need of yours today as well.

On eClubSoda we often talk about the need to take good care of ourselves, even in the face of impending responsibilities. Many on the call have shared how their bodies occasionally even need to break down for them to take a well-deserved break. They explain that sometimes it seems easier to get sick in order to go to bed than it does to say, “I am tired, so I am going to bed early tonight.” One lovely lady on our eClubSoda call mentioned that she would often go to the mall when it was not what she wanted to do or go to bed when she did not want to sleep, just so she would not have to do the work that was always around her to do. It never entered her mind just to choose to do something that she truly wanted to do.

My day began early this morning and because of agreeing to address some emergencies in my clients’ lives, as well as a CFAAR (Center for Family Alcohol Awareness and Research) foundation meeting, I did not even have a fifteen-minute break today. It is now 12:45 AM, and while this particular hors-d’oeuvre is not due to be posted for two days, I am going to walk my talk and call it a day. I am going to use this as a test to see if everyone is “disappointed in me,” or if you all “will leave and never come back,” or if you will “label me worthless and lazy” (these are just a few of the reasons that my clients, and occasionally I, use to rationalize their overworking themselves into a state of overwhelm).

I must admit that it is difficult for me to end this hors-d’oeuvre now. My first thought was that I am letting you down. My second thought was that you would feel I am a sloth. And you might. But I also recognize that I began thinking those two thoughts during my 0-13 years. Now my adult mind says that it is important that I get some rest tonight. That inner voice is shouting, “Go to bed, now!” O.K. Inner Voice, I hear you! Good night all...may you also listen to the wisdom guiding you to take care of the miraculous home in which your spirit dwells. Nite, Nite.

What do you need to do for yourself today? What needs have you been ignoring? What would it feel like to nurture yourself and listen attentively to what your inner wisdom is communicating? What do you think about my making this hors-d’oeuvre shorter than usual? Where did you learn to think that?

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